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Meet The Younger Artists


I never had to fight for my artistic freedom.

I always been real. I always been a leader.

I never been a follower.

If I did something, if I did some dirt, I did it ‘cause I wanted to do it.

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With a sound that could be classified as rap, if rap focused less on beats and more on moving lyrics, Dichotomy is lighting a path of positive change.

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My mission is to always remain humble, believe, have fun, get up and grind for what I desire – even through the struggles.

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You never quite know what you’re going to get from me.

I’m not a one-sided or one-track-minded artist. I go a little bit everywhere with a song.

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With an eclectic musical style and taste reflective of a more EDM style of music, Young MP, at the tender age of 9, is already making beats and following in the footsteps of his favorite producers & DJs.

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Artist Development

At Younger Entertainment, one of our major focuses is on Artist Development. We cultivate our artists, teaching them the ins and outs of the music business. It starts with knowing the history of the genre of music you’re interested in and expands to the knowledge of the music industry in general.

We start with the music. Are you writing? Performing? Can you do interviews? Can you speak well in front of crowds? Does your performance have a life? Who are you modeling your shows off of? What can we do to elevate your performance?

Then there is the history – whose footsteps are you following in? What did they do to change music? Who helped build their careers? What were some of the strategic moves they made? How can you, as an artist and entertainer, capture some of their magic and incorporate it into your own repertoire?

We move forward into today. What is currently trending in the industry? How can we take some of the old school values and incorporate them into the new technology? Who is positioned where in the industry? What moves do we need to make to build your franchise? How can we align your brand with similar brands and similar artists to cross-promote and create mutually beneficial partnerships?

Here is also where we develop your fanbase. Do you have one? Can we build one? What would you like your relationship with your fans to look like? Where can they find you? How can they communicate with you? How much access should they have? What type of merchandise you will create for your fans? How will they become part of your community?

Artist Development is about developing a mindset. It is about understanding that we are all in this together and together we will build a lasting brand to create entertainers with longevity, not just another flash in the pan. It is about constantly writing, recording prolifically, developing your craft through practice, expanding your mind and your art, interacting with fans in a personal way, crafting your digital image, and most importantly, handling your business(!) Together, we will create a career plan with actionable, manageable goals.

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