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Dichotomy finds beauty in diversity. Living at the intersection of art and business, the internationally known poet has conquered the world more than once. By opening himself up to different perspectives, Dichotomy is bringing spoken word to a larger audience than ever before. 

With a sound that could be classified as rap, if rap focused less on beats and more on moving lyrics, he’s lighting a path of positive change. His life as a corporate executive coincides with his life as a musician, and the result is stellar albums, huge poetry shows, and international touring. 




The story of Dichotomy gets its start in Nashville, where a boy named Vincent is born on leap year. Named after two uncles, one of whom was a preacher, the other a hustler who would eventually lose his life to street violence, he was fated for contrast, or dichotomy, from the start. Contradiction would be a common theme in his existence, from lyrics to careers—not that he knew it yet.

It wasn’t until 2004 that Dichotomy truly found his calling. He got his start with open mic nights, and discovered that poetry was a gift that could inspire other people in the same way his heroes had inspired him. From there, the game was on. He would start recording albums, performing for crowds, and eventually produce and host Aural Fixation, a quarterly poetry show that’s sold out five years running. These accomplishments gave way to even more awards for the now Atlanta based artist. He’s been voted ATL’s hottest poet, won the spot of ATL’s most eligible bachelor, taken the award for GANSPA’s Poet of the Year—and this is without mentioning his accolades as an engineer.

It seems like life has been good to Dichotomy, but that’s only because he made it that way. As the first member of his family to earn a college degree, he’s become a corporate executive. 

As an artist, he’s become a respected poet who has shared the stage with the likes of Raheem Devaughn and Angie Stone. 

As a philanthropist, he’s become a board member with the Stewart Foundation and a volunteer at GilGal House. 

The saying goes “ain’t no rest for the wicked”, and that holds true with Dichotomy. With so many achievements under his belt in the worlds on poetry and business, he’s now setting his sights on authorship and theater. He dreams to write his own book of prose, and he also wants to see his words in the marquee lights. It makes sense, then, that his next steps will take him in the direction of playwright, director, and actor. Of course, poetry will always be at the forefront of his life—it’s what he does. To expand his reach this year, he’s making poetry videos, traveling to Greece for a performance, and bringing Aural Fixation to audiences across the nation on tour. It’ll be a busy schedule, but if anyone can make it happen, it’s Dichotomy. He’s proven he’s good at what he does, no matter what that might be.



They say that music soothes the soul. A good song lets you lean into whatever you are feeling, lets you go deeper into it, and “Freedom”? Well, “Freedom” leans into the promise that was made by the U.S. Constitution, and contrasted with the images of Americans of all races STILL fighting this generations long fight to justify the worth of all of our lives, is both heart-filling and heart-breaking in equal measure.

People are dying. In response, there are marches, protests, riots, speeches, letters, donations, proclamations, promises but most of all, there is action. We must all take action to make a change. If our music and these images can help move the conversation in a positive direction in some small way, then we are thankful that we can do our part to remind everyone that, Black Lives do Matter.

Dichotomy’s Poetry

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