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Moe Betta Beatz

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Consistent, versatile, unique, charismatic and super talented, producer/rapper Moe Betta Beatz is Ohio’s best-kept secret. Not only does he bless the microphone with thought-provoking lyrics fueled by mind-blowing metaphors and meaningful subject matter, this multi-talented livewire produces his own music with sonically soul-drenched soundtracks. 


Providing his loyal Mid-West fanbase with nine successful albums and a laundry list of showstopping singles over the past decade, Moe Betta Beatz has gradually gained more and more success on his road to stardom. His latest album Moe’s Art is quickly becoming a classic, must-have collection of musical excellence. 


“My music touches the heart, makes you think and makes you dance all at once. It’s hip-hop soul,” he explains. “You never quite know what you’re going to get from me. I’m not a one-sided or one-track-minded artist. I go a little bit of everywhere with a song.”


And he’s been going everywhere with music for as far back as he can remember. Born in Elyria, Ohio into a musical family, Moe’s entire household has been involved in music in one way or another. His father was a well-known local DJ, mother often wrote music as a hobby and several family members were also singers. 


As a youngster, Moe started writing poems in elementary school and playing drums in sixth grade band class. Influenced by his older brother, uncle and older cousin, his attention began to focus on rap music by the time he reached middle school. He started tinkering with beats on a PlayStation game and went on to perfect his craft on FL Studio.


Over the years, Moe’s main concentration was on production. He was a vital member and main producer and ghostwriter for Lorain, Ohio-based rap group Barr-None Clicc but never really recorded his own vocals. Instead, his main concern was making the best beats possible.


“The homies who rapped would be like ‘I need one of those Moe beats,’” he recalls. “I never really recorded myself because I wanted to be the best producer that I could be. But at the same time, I felt that I had something to say.”


As the band was gaining notoriety, Moe decided to branch off and make his own solo music, making a noticeable distinction between himself and any other rapper. “What sets me apart from other artists is the fact that I can rap about literally anything and make a meaningful song out of it,” Moe explains. “While also producing my own beats, directing editing my own videos, I also have many I have many different styles and approaches when it comes to creating a song and giving it visuals.”


That limitless talent pool and know-how attitude warranted nine solo albums and membership as the rapper in Cleveland's own legendary group R&B/funk band Kinsman Dazz Band Allstars, making remixes to some of their biggest hits including “Let It Whip,” “Swoop! (I'm Yours)” and “Joystick.”


He also performed with the Kinsman Dazz Band at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in downtown Cleveland.


“I’m not trying to follow in or copy anyone else's footsteps,” Moe informs, “but learn from what they teach and create my own path. 


He continues, “I care about the fans, and I care about the craft of creating music. In my music, I give them something to motivate themselves.”


Along with motivating the public through his music, Moe hosts and plays in his annual Moe Beatz' South Vs West Stop The Violence Basketball Game in Lorain, Ohio. Started in 2020, Moe, various family members and friends set up the event to curtail violence in the streets. 


“I started this game because I've lived on both the South and West side of Lorain, and there was a war going on between the two sides at the time,” he explains. “We decided to do this every single year to show that both sides of town do actually get along and can coexist.”


Just as involved in activism as he is with his music, Moe Betta Beatz has been essential in both spaces. “I keep it real in music. I speak about the things I've went through or things that I have seen,” says Moe. “Fans will continue to follow my path for that reason. When they hear Moe Betta Beatz, they know he's the real deal.”

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