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Deep in the galaxy of metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio at the fork of Black River, a star was born. Not just any luminous point in the night sky, but one who believes that “success takes ambition, risk and responsibility.”

Born and raised in Elyria, Ohio, engineer, ghost writer, and performer, StarR, lives with a mission “to show that any and everything you set your mind to is possible to achieve.” Prevailing through the pressures of life, StarR continually cultivates his dream of becoming a successful artist by using the bricks that were thrown at him to build his firm foundation.

“Everyone is a star in my eyes,” he explains. “We all are born, and we all die at some point just like a star does. We all have our own unique potential! God is the sun, and Jesus is our moon!”




As most heavenly bodies, StarR’s embryonic destiny as an artist was birthed in the church playing drums for the choir. He began traveling around the state performing at the tender age of eight. This gateway opened opportunities to perform gospel rap songs, birthing the first trimester of his dream of becoming an artist. Performing these spiritual rap songs transitioned into a love for secular music outside of the church walls.

“Those days of performing gospel raps birthed a passion for the style and lyrical content that I have today,” says StarR. “I have been passionately in love with music ever since!” StarR’s love for music reverberates through his lyrics, encouraging and motivating others. Using the gravity of his life experiences, StarR cultivated not only a passion for music but purpose as well. His unique style is grounded in creativity, consistency, and solid work ethic. “My mission is to always remain humble, believe, have fun, get up and grind for desires,” he enlightens, “even through the struggles.”


With more than 500 written and recorded songs as well as more than 20 music videos, StarR continues to perfect his craft with hopes of paving the way for upcoming and aspiring artist in his community by providing multiple outlets and platforms while simultaneously creating timeless music that can impact the music industry and ultimately the world.

Although music is his passion, his most prized role in that of father to his 3 children. Aside from his duties as dad and artist, StarR has dedicated countless hours to the local Boys and Girls Club, aiding less fortunate youth by purchasing clothing, shoes and school supplies. Through giveaways and community outreach, StarR strives to spread blessings to others as God continues to bless him.

“I love the fact that I have had multiple opportunities to meet and build relationships with multiple people. Those opportunities have helped me to become not only a better person but a better artist and businessman,” he divulges. “I am highly disappointed at the fact that a lot of people usually don’t come together and unite as one in my community. Hopefully one day, I will be able to change that and open a lot of doors to show how it should be done correctly.”

Through enlightenment and divine guidance, StarR continues to shine brightly in his career. With songs such as “Feelin My Vibe” and “Ain’t No Weapon,” StarR provides a message to the world to stay true, keep pushing and never give up. Through his music and community outreach, his life is testament that that everyone is born a StarR.

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