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Young MP 

Born and raised in the Peach State, life in ‘The A’ is not all Young M.P. knows. But don’t be fooled. Unlike the grimy, gritty stories that come out of the city, Young M.P. prep school experience and super-involved parents have allowed him to flourish in childhood and truly explore and enjoy all of the freedom that comes with that exploration.




The child of two avid music enthusiasts, Young M.P.began taking piano lessons at the age of three. His playing experience ranges from Bach and Beethoven to Bill Withers and Billy Sondheim. His goal is to migrate to the guitar.

Young M.P. began making beats on Garageband after taking a course at the Apple Music Store. After his mom saw that it was something to which he gravitated, his parents gifted him an iPad of his own. While still immersed in GarageBand, Young M.P. is currently learning the ins and outs of Ableton Live.

He counts Marshmello and Zedd amongst his favorite producers and loves to listen to old school Run DMC and Will Smith alongside Travis Scott.

A budding actor and model, Young M.P. is the primary subject for Iconafro (, where he dresses up to take photos as cultural figures and then delves into short biographies of his subjects.

An avid reader with his head consistently in a book, the 4th grader counts The Bad Guys, The Last Kids on Earth and Dinosaur Boy amongst his favorite reading material. When he’s not doing homework, making beats or practicing piano, the 10-year-old is playing Fortnite and Overwatch on his X-Box One, Roblox on his laptop, or watching  Tiko on Youtube.


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